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Vaping Post: State Group Leadership: Character is More Important than Reputation

 | Published on 7/8/2018

In one of the recent articles we published on the exceptional work done by the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA), the Vaping Post made it a priority to inform its readers of the unfortunate and ongoing situation unfolding in the state of New York.

Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden has been famously quoted in the past, for saying, “Character is more important than reputation.” When considering the validity behind this expression, some people may beg to differ, but even in these modern times, it remains true.

Furthermore, whenever the vape industry seems to be the target of restrictive state legislation, the NYSVA equipped with active advocates and an experienced lobbyist to disrupt any unnecessary regulatory overreach.

The most recent drama in the NY State Assembly revolved around 2 separate bills, one in the house and one in the senate. Both bills were proposed as a state-wide flavor ban. Essentially, the result was that they were defeated by the NYSVA.

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