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Update: Onondaga County - Tobacco 21

 | Published on 12/13/2017
Update: Onondaga County - Tobacco 21

We'd like to thank all those that came out yesterday to testify and oppose the Tobacco 21 legislation in Onondaga County. Everyone in the room had an opportunity to address County Executive, Joanne Mahoney as she was very inviting, respectful, and open minded.

The 17 voices in the room in favor or against Tobacco 21 resulted in a no decision, as she'll need time to review and make an educated decision. As it currently stands, she has until
January 3, 2018 to make that determination.

We remain encouraged that in 2008 Mahoney did veto a bill to raise the age to purchase tobacco products to 19 in Onondaga County, but was overruled due to having enough support of the Onondaga Legislature. We could see a similar outcome in 2017-18 considering last week the vote was 11 to 5 in favor of T21 by legislators. Yet, remain hopeful due to the arguments presented.

New York State Vapor Association remains committed to educated our local county lawmakers on the unintended consequences of Tobacco 21 laws leading the teen and young adult cigarette smoking rates to climb when vapor products are prohibited for sale.

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