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Tobacco 21 - Learn from Others and Don't Let It Happen in New York!

 | Published on 8/5/2017

NYSVA's New York Minute...

You've seen what happens in states with onerous regulations. Taxes in Pennsylvania forced the closing of 1/3 of the vape shops within the first 5 months. California's tax law just went into effect but it can be sure many businesses will not survive. San Francisco's flavor ban is being pushed in many municipalities, and will likely creep throughout the US, including New York State where it has already be introduced.

Tobacco21 bills have already been enacted in New York in 10 counties and more are targeted. If other counties adopt Tobacco21, it will be easy for the state to rationalize making it state law. That is in essence why legislators agreed the Clean Indoor Act should go state-wide. Tobacco21 is being pushed by a new organization masking as a hospital chain but that is actually being funded with millions of dollars from Big Pharma. That type of backing means they are serious about lobbying their efforts. NYSVA is also serious about combating them but we need financial help to do so.