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NY State Assembly Passes Bill to Now Include Vapor in Clean Indoor Air Act

 | Published on 6/3/2017
Vaping Post...This Vape Industry Professional of NY kindly, openly and directly providedVaping Post with this statement:

“After watching Linda Rosenthal get her ass kicked at the May 17th hearing, it lessens the blow. However, the Assembly just passed a bill, lumping vaping into the clean indoor air act. But, with a provision to allow business who derive 25% or more of their income from vaping to still vape indoors. So, vape shops are still protected.”

Although, The bill passed, these comments were slightly comical, especially if you watch the NY State Assembly Hearing – due to the fact that Republicans bombarded the Sponsor of the proposed bill with factual scientific data. The Sponsor was a Democrat, which was no surprise. Regardless, she failed to make a compelling argument. All her statistics about Vaping were “broken-record” assumptions and fairytale claims.

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