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UB study sheds light on perceptions of e-cigs

 | Published on 3/7/2017

The recent study by Dr. Lynn Kozlowski, Department of Community Health and Health Behavior at the University of Buffalo took a look at the satisfaction of vaping, and the role that this plays in overall effectiveness of smokers efforts to switch to vapor.  This article highlights the fact that the "gateway" theory, or the theory that vaping will lead to smoking, is reliant on the fact that vaping is less satisfying than smoking. 

Innovations in vapor products have led to increased satisfaction levels, which would decrease the likelihood that a gateway type of effect would cause vapers to become smokers.  Dr. Kozlowski goes on to stress that demonizing vaping is disingenuousto smokers, and to public health in general.  "Those who try to exaggerate fears of vaping products should consider their role in keeping smokers smoking." he says. "Telling people only that no product is "safe" is an irresponsible message"

Full Article at UB Website