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Help to Protect Vaping in New York State

New York State has 20+ bills to regulate vapor products on the table for 2017.  Many of these bills could devastate the vapor products industry, and make this breakthrough technology less accessible to smokers in NY state.  Your membership dues will go directly to the NYSVA efforts which include: 

- Full-time representation by our lobbyist in Albany
- Educational Events with politicians and public health officials
- Press Releases and Media responses to negative campaigns against vaping
- Working with our elected officials to ensure sensible regulation for vapor products

Stay Connected

Get the latest updates and have your opinions heard.  The NYSVA provides regular updates for all of its members.  Our monthly newsletter and conference call will also allow all of the NYSVA members to stay connected and informed.  We plan to have regional member meetings, including fundraisers.  An Albany lobbying event will also be scheduled where members can meet with their representatives to educate them on vaping.

Local Representation

The NYSVA is setup to represent the industry and vapers rights in Albany and New York City, but we are also registered to represent your business at the county level.  This means that the NYSVA can offer assistance, and testimony when necessary, on behalf of the industry in your local communities.  If there's anti-vaping legislation at any level in NY state, the NYSVA will be prepared and willing to assist it's members in the fight against any regulations that will negatively affect vaping in NY state.

Membership Welcome Package

NYSVA members will receive a welcome package that includes:

- Membership Window Decal for your business
- NYSVA T-Shirt
- Bumper/Promotional Stickers
- Promotional Material with Action Points for you and your customers

(Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your welcome package)

B2B Networking Opportunities

The NYSVA will offer a great opportunity for businesses to interact and network with other member businesses.  Our private forums will allow members to communicate, and our public member directory will allow others to verify that you are supporting the industry in NY state.  Our member meetings and Albany lobbying events are also great opportunities to network and work on strategy with other businesses that are also supporting the industry in NY state.