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You May Have to Take Your E-Cigs Outside
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6/20/2017, June 20, 2017: Albany - Electronic cigarettes and other vapor products will likely be banned from bars, restaurants and indoor workplaces after the state Senate approved the measure late Monday.
State Lawmakers Approve Restrictions on 'Vaping'
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6/20/2017, June 20, 2017: – A proposal that restricts where e-cigarettes can be inhaled appears to be well on its way to becoming a new state law...
New York State Senate voted to include vaping in the Clean Indoor Air Act
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This evening, the New York State Senate voted to include vaping in the Clean Indoor Air Act immediately after the Assembly had revised their version which had passed earlier this month and we expect it will be signed by the governor shortly. This was very unusual...
Legislation To Raise Tobacco (And E-Cigarette) Age Is Unnecessary, Risky
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The Huffington Post, June 14, 2017: The University of Michigan’s “Monitoring the Future” survey indicates that teen smoking rates are continuing a steady decline and are lower now than any time in the 42 years since the National Institute of Drug Abuse began sponsoring the survey...
Health Groups Blitz NY GOP-controlled Senate to Curb E-Cigs
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NY Daily News, June 13, 2017: LBANY - Health advocates are launching a last ditch effort to get the GOP-controlled state Senate to approve tougher restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes, The Daily News has learned...
Top 5 Pro-Vapor Comments Recently Debated by US Politicians
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Vaping Post, June 8, 2017: The NY State Assembly Hearing held on May 17th included some of the most refreshing comments from Republican Politicians announcing proven facts and using scientific research data to support their arguments in favor of Vapor products. It was clearly groundbreaking in reference to the ways in which American Politics routinely operates.
The War on E-Cigs is Now National
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Hypocrisy has reached new heights, even by Washington’s standards. The same left-wing senators who support needle-exchange and methadone programs to reduce harm to drug addicts and demand condoms for high-schoolers are waging war against the most effective harm reducer of all — e-cigarettes.
Comments Presented by GOP of NY State Assembly Were Refreshing to Hear from Politicians
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Vaping Post, June 7, 2017: Today in Albany, we met again with Assemblymember Raia and gave him our thanks on behalf of all the vapers in NY. He is a great guy and very down to earth. Although the republicans hold the minority in the assembly, there are a number we've met with who listened, understand and are on our side-- and in the state senate as well, in which republicans have the majority and some democrats are on our side too. Give a read here about the exchange between Rosenthal and Raia and watch the video to see for yourself. And if you're on the fence about joining NYSVA, what are you waiting for?
NY State Assembly Passes Bill to Now Include Vapor in Clean Indoor Air Act
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Vaping Post, June 3, 2017: A Vape Industry Professional in New York, who is no stranger to constantly battling proposed government legislation in his state, recently provided Vaping Post with comments on a NY State Assembly Hearing held on May 17th. The statement he provided was just as significantly accurate as it was slightly comical.
Vaping Effective in Reducing Use of Tobacco
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Watertown Daily Times, May 31, 2017: How is it that the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom is publishing 200-page studies proving that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than smoking, yet our own Food and Drug Administration here in the United States is enacting strict regulations that will effectively kill the entire industry?
Future Getting Hazy for Vape Shop Owners
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Niagara Gazette, May 28, 2017: With state lawmakers kicking around the idea of placing new restrictions on the use of vapor products, local vape shop owners are fearful for their futures...
Efforts to Implement Vaping Bans in NY State Escalate
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Vaping Post, May 27, 2017: Health organizations and lawmakers in New York State, are launching a stronger effort to ban vaping in public places, where smoking is already prohibited.
Push Intensifies to Limit Vaping Sies in New York State
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The Buffalo News, May 25, 2017: The state is considering regulating e-cigarettes like other tobacco products.
Statewide e-cigarette bill will likely outlaw devices' use indoors
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NY Daily News, May 17, 2017: State Assembly Democrat Linda Rosenthal e-cigarette users infringe on the rights of others with “noxious vapors”
Vape Shops Want to Do Good, but Fear F.D.A. Won’t Let Them Do Well
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Like so many entrepreneurs who have opened vaping shops lately, Stephen D’Angelo was a heavy smoker who finally kicked nicotine after switching to electronic cigarettes, which he viewed as a healthier — and less smelly — alternative.
U.S. Sees Positive Shift in American Policy on Vape Products (part 1)
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The Vaping Post,May 2, 2017: The State of New York Removes all of the Vapor Language from their Annual Budget
NYSVA Members Testify at New York City Council Meeting
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New York City, April 27, 2017: NYSVA Recorded Testimony
What's Bill Smoking?
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The Wall Street Journal, April 21,2017: New York City’s mayor is the black market’s best friend.
Proposed Tompkins County Smoking Prevention Law to Include E-Cigarettes
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Tompkins County, NY (WSYR-TV) - In Tompkins County, not everyone is happy with a proposed law that would prohibit selling tobacco products to people 21 and under as that plan also includes e-cigarettes.
Tompkins County Testimony from NYSVA President, Michael Frennier
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Tompkins County, NY, April 18, 2017: Michael Frennier, President spoke tonight at Tompkins County Meeting to address pending legislation to raise the age to vape/smoke to 21. About the 48 minute mark. The board tabled the decision to vote for 2 weeks...
Democrats Lose Big On Vaping Ban That Would Have ‘Decimated The Entire Industry’
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The Daily Caller, April 11, 2017: Democrats pushing for new taxes and restrictions on electronic cigarettes suffered a major defeat in New York over the weekend after lawmakers stripped new vaping rules from the state budget at the last minute.
State pols reject Gov. Cuomo's e-cigarette liquid tax plan
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NY Daily News, April 10, 2017: Cuomo’s proposals were mysteriously left out of the budget approved by the Senate and Assembly over the weekend.
Indoor e-cig ban snuffed out of NY budget
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LoHud - The Journal News, April 10: Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers were poised to include electronic cigarettes in the state's ban on smoking in restaurants, workplaces and other public, indoor spaces.

Then they didn't.
NYSVA Confirms State Budget Removes All Vapor Regulations
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Vaping Post, April 10: The NYSVA to inform us that the budget has been revised to show that ALL the vapor regulation language is now entirely absent from the 2017-2018 NY state budget proposal, not even a tax increase remained.
NY's anti-science e-cig crackdown
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New York Post, March 29: Gov. Cuomo’s Department of Health last week released survey data that he’s using to bolster his case for a $12 tax on 30 ml bottles of vaping liquids and a ban on vaping indoors. Yet the survey data — and much other evidence — undercut his case.
New York State's Proposed Budget Anticipated to Close 600 Businesses and End 2200 Jobs
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West Chazy, NY...Buried in Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal are taxes and regulations so onerous, they would close hundreds of vape shops across New York according to the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA).
Lawmaker wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes in New York
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NY Daily News, March 13: A state lawmaker from Manhattan plans to introduce legislation this week banning the sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in New York.
The Gloves Are Off...
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Having been involved in the Vaping Community for several years I feel compelled to show my support for the New York State Vapor Association and their leaders.
Dr. Michael Siegel's Response to NYS Health Commissioner's Letter
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New York State Department of Health Urges Physicians to Discourage Patients from Quitting Unless They Use Big Pharma Products and Tells Vapers They Might as Well Go Back to Smoking
NYSVA Announces Lobbying Representation
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Dickinson & Avella, PLLC to Represent New York State vapor Association (NYSVA) in Albany
UB study sheds light on perceptions of e-cigs
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A recent study at the University of Buffalo indicates that the "gateway" theory is flawed and that smokers shouldn't be discouraged from using vapor products.
NY Plans to Tax Vapor Products in 2017
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Included in Governor Cuomo's 2017 budget proposal is a plan to tax and regulate vapor products in NY state.